Tablet PC Repairing Courses

With more and more people using tablets, the market for repairing these devices has grown a lot over the years. Mahavir ITI in its quest to be at the forefront of technology, is therefore conducting tablet PC repairing course. The training will cover repairs of all types of tablets including Chinese ones.
The course Mahavir ITI Expert of tablet Technology is a basic level course. It put emphasis on practical training in identification, repairing. Mahavir ITI keeps the training methodology simple yet effective. Hands-on training is given to the students in the practical lab during Tablet PC/Repairing course.

• Identifying different parts of a tablet.
• Installation and formatting of different types of Operating System
• Changing Display Touch Problem in Tablet PC
• Repairing Power Jack And Adapters
• Introduction Of Tablet PC
• Difference between tablet pc , IPAD, Mobile
• Firmware update from sdcard
• How to find firmware thru pcb
• Flashing thru odin in Samsung
• Flashing thru IUW in hcl tablet em 73
• Boot option in hcl standard boot, recovery boot, fdwn boot , fast boot
• Installation of operating systems in tablet Pc Android operating system
• Upgrading operating system
• Changing operating systems
• Application installation on tablet pc
• Application install from market
• Application install from memory card
• Troubleshooting of Operating systems.
• Troubleshooting of Application software.
• Troubleshooting of Tablet PC
• Basics electronics components Testing practical
• Basics electronics components Testing practical
• Resistor,Capacitor,Coil,Diode,Transistor
• Transformer,Mos-fet,Crystal,RTC
• Speaker,Ringer,Mic,Vibrator,Fuse,Battery
• Types of Ic,Golden Tips,Practical Test
• Soldering Iron Use,SMD Machine Use
• Practical tools info,Chip Level Practical
• Component Removing,Component Removing
• Component Soldering,Jumper settings,I.C. Change
• Tablet PC Assembling and dissembling.
• Android application
• Function and block diagram of Tablet PC.
• Adapter.
• Battery.
• Sound Problem
• USB Port Problem
• Keypad Problem
• Touchpad Problem
• Finger Prints Problem
• RAM and ROM
• Tablet PC Hard Disk Repair
• Tablet PC motherboard.
• Tablet PC Block Diagram
• Identification of I.C
• Different I.C Names
• Set Dead Problem
• Charging Problem
• Display Problem
• Display Light Problem
• Audio Sound Problem
• ICs detail and function.
• Different connectors and sockets.
• Fault finding procedure of Tablet PC.
• Use of Debug card post error code.
• Common problem of different motherboards.
• Fault finding using analog and digital multi- meter.
• Fault finding using Oscilloscope (CRO).
• Removing ICs by Hot Air Gun Machine (SMD Machine).
• iCs re-bolling by BGA machine.
• BIOS update and password.
• Different password removing methods and steps.
• Chip Level Practical (Using Solder iron, SMD Machine, IRDA, SMD Machine)
• Troubleshooting (Chip Level Troubleshooting using oscilloscope, LCR Meter, IRDA, SMD Machine)
• Service Centre Class,

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We have well established training centres across all over India equipped with highly sophisticated instruments like Projectors, IRDA, SMD machine, LCR meter, Oscilloscope. We also provides fast track courses and Special classes for working people which allows no interference in their work schedule. We have provided employment.

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