Smart Phone Repairing Course

Mahavir ITI offer the complete smart phone repairing courses with latest technique in Patna, Bihar.Our Services include:

• Smartphones Android or Windows i-Phone Technologies
• Wi-Fi, Bluetooth ,Infrared Technologies
• Unlocking code for Smartphones Android Phone or Windows i-Phone CDMA Phone
• GSM & CDMA Structure & Generation of Mobile Phone
• Smartphones Android or Windows i-Phone Assembly & Disassembly
• Identification of Different Electronic Components Testing on a Circuit board
• Chip Level Soldering & De-soldering on a PCB Motherboard
• Identification of ICs
• Identification of Different ICs
• Source and Destination
• Mobile source destination code
• Mobile Circuit Board Trace Smartphones Android Phone or Windows i-Phone
• Mobile Circuit Board Trace without Circuit Diagram
• Circuit Diagram Reading
• Section of Mobile Phone Repair
• 2G 3G 4G Technology
• Distinction Between I-Phone 3g & 3gs and I-Phone 4 & 4s
• Advanced mobile phones H/W Trouble Shooting with Circuit Chart.
• Depict About Mobile Operating System of I-Phone, Blackberry, Samsung Android Phone.
• Chinese Mobile phone Repair
• Android Technology
• Windows phone Technology
• Faults In Mobile Phones
• Dead set condition
• No charging
• Auto charging
• No signal
• Voice problem
• Vibrator problem
• Ringer problem
• Auto turn off
• Hanging problem
• Insert sim (no sim card inserted shows on the screen)
• keypad problem
• Software problems:
• Hanging problem
• No signal
• Dead set
• Display
• Contact service (contact retailer, contact service provider)
• Test mode
• Not charging
• Setting problem:
• Call divert
• Sim lock
• Security code
• Country lock
• Practically handset Repairing
• Latest Mobile Repairing
• Flashing and Formatiing
• I-PHONE Restoring
• Android Phone Pattern Lock
• Android Phone Routing
• Blackberry Unlocking
• Blackberry Flashing
• Blackberry Wi-Fi Connectivity Settings
• Online Software Repairing.
• galaxy phone Repair
• Samsung Flashing ,Hard Reset.
• I-Phone Factory Unlocking Overview.
• I-Phone,android Apps Installation.
• Touchpad Fault Finding and Repairing/ Replacing.
• Smart phone Motherboard Block Diagram.
• Smart phone Motherboard Tracing in Circuit.
• Smart phone Motherboard Fault Finding through Advanced Auto Testing Tools
• Mobile Phone Upgrading ,Jail Break,country Unlock .
• All Type Of Unlocking – User Lock, SIM/Country Lock
• Online Unlocking – IMEI Repairing
• Online Unlocking – IMEI Repairing
• Flashing, Formatting, File Back-up, User Unlocking etc.
• Special Tips & Tricks For Software Repairing Service Centre Training
• Repairing Touch screen phone
• Touch screen phone Technology Repair
• HTC Repairing
• GSM Mobile Phone Troubleshooting
• Chinese Mobile phone Troubleshooting
• CDMA Mobile phone Troubleshooting
• Practically Handset Repairing
• Tips for service centre
• Live Practical Training

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We have well established training centres across all over India equipped with highly sophisticated instruments like Projectors, IRDA, SMD machine, LCR meter, Oscilloscope. We also provides fast track courses and Special classes for working people which allows no interference in their work schedule. We have provided employment.

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